Laverne V

Life Through My Lens
My Immortals


…blissfully unaware of his beauty


Birds of a Feather…

…My beautiful, affectionate day dreamer, his mind is like the birds he feeds in this shot, flitting here, there and everywhere. The only time Alex focuses is when he is busy with something he is passionate about, besides that, the rest of the universe gets no attention from him. At preschool graduation, his teacher asked each child what they were going to be when they grew up, there were doctors, lawyers, pilots, teachers, and then it was Alex’s turn…”I’m going to play and play and play”

My Alex


…My perfectly perfect firstborn, pedantic about everything, driven, focused, determined, a spiritual genius…a man before his time, Reece has a way of putting people in their place ever so elegantly. His first day at Sunday school, he was 3 years old, the teacher called me aside and said “your son is most unusual, and brilliant with words. Another little boy was being a nuisance in the class and Reece walked up to him, and clearly and calmly stated: “I think its time for you to go to Heaven”"