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The Falls…

You know, getting this pic was a miracle… I was so disappointed when I arrived in Zimbabwe with just my camera… I’d forgotten my tripod and didn’t even have a waterproof casing, and any semi intelligent photographer knows that during the high water season, you and your gear are guaranteed to get soaked from the high spray… anyway, after getting over my depression(a matter of hours) I decided that I wanted my sunrise shot, come hell or high water(no pun intended)… I dug the plastic bag out of my hotel bathroom bin, and fashioned a makeshift waterproof cover for my camera, using my hairband to secure the plastic tightly around the lens… I chose a dark outfit(I’d made peace with the fact that I would get drenched but I wasn’t going to come back to the hotel looking like a wet t-shirt contestant)… told the god of photography to cut me some slack and hold back the water spray… set my alarm for 4:30am and went to bed, feeling very victorious… Woke, and got going, only to be delayed at the gate… when I finally got to the falls I bolted through the trails, stopping briefly at each lookout station to see if it was what I wanted and running as fast as I could to the next one…I had to get my shot and the light was coming over the horizon!… whilst running I realised that I was dry…completely dry hahahahaha! the god of photography obviously has a crush on me… I ripped the plastic off my camera and got shooting… and so you have it, sunrise over the falls, with my bottom of the range Canon eos 1100D…. :)



Some things grow best in clusters or groups… Others grow best alone… I’ve learned to appreciate both dynamics, but personally, I prefer the latter… This is the mighty baobab, a landmark I was privileged to see during my visit to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe


Her perfect imperfection

…man I had tried this the very first night I got my camera and the shots were a disaster(look back to my previous moon pic and see the sad truth hahaha)… I had no idea how to satisfy my craving for a moon shot, and my tiny camera with its not so powerful lenses just wasn’t cutting it… till the night I decided to try every single possible setting combination and maximum zoom capabilities, whilst resting my camera on my music keyboard stand(no time to fight with Reece for my tripod, the moon would be out of sight and I had to master this!)… I couldn’t believe this shot when I saw the craters… there is just something about the moon and her perfect imperfections… :)

perfect imperfection

Divine Dendrites…

…First attempt at lightning shots… I don’t have a bucket list, but if I did, it would only have one thing on it… “get a lightning shot”…its not epic but you can actually see lightning so I’m rather proud of me right now…will keep trying, every single chance I get…